We are a Local Tour operator who take care of the city and its history, for this reason we’ve created some special tours to improve Venice, trying to give work to the local artists and restore old symbolic places.
Our aim is keep Venice alive and preserve it for the future generations!


ALL TOURS ARE COVID FREE (updated on June 2020)

The customers health is the most important matter  for us, therefore  we operate  our tours in according to the Covid-19 National-Regional directives in order to guarantee the experiences in a safe environment.

Here below, a list of the safety measures that we’ve taken:

  • Customers must bring their own headphones, in case of need we only give disposable earphones
  • All customer touchpoints are frequently cleaned
  • Social distancing is maintained in vehicles/means of transport
  • To reduce crowds, the number of visitors is limited. Only small groups
  • Masks are required for closed places or when there is no necessary distance , customer must bring their own 


The 2019 has been a year full of new projects, the main’s one was the opening of the Prisons Palace in Piazza San Marco. This marvelous Palace has the ancient Venetian prisons that was built as “new and healthier jails” in the 1500.
The Venice Artistic Association organized only concerts and Biennale Exhibition in it, but nowadays, thanks to our help, the whole palace is accessible with daily guided visits and the people can learn a piece of hidden Venice.

We managed to restore and open all the secret itinerary of the prisons: from December 2019, a new historical attraction has been opened to the public, a piece of Venetian history, that was completely unknown to the most people, now is accessible to everybody.




Venice is delicate and the last exceptional high tides put it through the wringer. How can we help tourists to face this event? How can we help our beloved city?
Here below the two answers to these thorny questions:

For the tourists we’ve created an informative category on our blog about the Venice High Tide: here they can find suggestions, tips and curiosities regarding this unique phenomenon.

For the city: after the exceptional high tide of 12th November 2019, Venice and especially the churches in the old town, suffered some damages.
In order to help them to conserve their beauty, we organized a Walking Tour without charge (only € 3 euros, the booking fees) with the aim to collect funds to the restoration of San Giacometto Church at Rialto. The tour starts from Piazza San Marco with a qualified guide and arrive to the Church in Rialto, here the participants can leave a free donation.
All the collected money will be used to fix the damage done by the High Tide on 12th November.



The 95% of the tours on Murano’s island stop there only for fast glassblowing demonstrations, without possibility to let people know the old town of Murano.

Venice Tours philosophy is that an activity must be an experience and not only a “see and change place”. We want to participants to live the culture and soul of a place. Not only see but understand what they are doing and seeing.

We organized the only shared boat tour in Venice that allows you to discover the Murano’s island in all its splendor and with an amazing glassblowing demonstration in former Church and now it’s a glass furnace with museum. The clients will have their own audio guide with explication of the museums and the whole old town of Murano.



The category that we are most proud is the “Experience with local artisans”: we can boast that we have about 80 people per day enjoying the workshops with local artisans. These activities allow to maintain the small and local enterprises and, at the same time, improve also the Venetian community.
The tourists can enjoy a suitable alternative activity learning local craftsmanship or tasting Venice specialties. The proposed experiences are many: Cooking class, Wine Tastings, Glass making art workshop, watercolors class or the fascinating lesson to create the own carnival mask and many others!

A sustainable way to discover Venice. Only on this way we can enhance the quality of the local tourism.




Before museums, famous squares and any kind of attraction, In Venice you must go on Gondola!
That’s the first thing to do. The gondola keeps being the best seller in Venice and, also the experience most wanted by the tourists from all over the world. So, during the last years we've always improved the gondola product in order to provide an “unforgettable experience” and not just a ride.

In 2017 we developed an innovative commentary by mobile app that explains the gondola itinerary during the ride.
The clients listen to the automatic narrations (10 points in 9 languages) while they are on gondola.
The participants really appreciate these new features and, as result, the reviews of our gondolas have better average than those without commentary.

Why do we provide the commentary to the clients? At the meeting point, our staff always listens to the tips, complaints and suggestion of the clients and so, we realized that the most of the people was not completely satisfied because the gondolier never gives information (the gondoliers are only drivers and, most of them do not speak neither English). So, we have had the idea: make people satisfied with the commentary.
On our gondola rides, the tourists can learn the history and curiosities of the highlights around them during the charming gondola ride.





The famous and inimitable gondola serenade along the romantic Grand Canal belongs to the Top Sellers of the excursions in Venice.  Tourists love this tour (the shared version), because with a good price they can live an unforgettable experience along the most famous city canal.

Due to the high demand of this tour, there was the problem that the “flotilla” of gondolas was too big and not everybody could properly listen to the music and the singer based on the central gondola.
So, after a survey at the meeting point with many clients, we understood what they need and want.
Last summer we created the “Gondola with Music & Singer”.

Which’s the difference with the classic Serenade?

Our gondola with music is only for small group (maximum 5 gondolas) and no one waits on the line because, our group always skip the line. The small dimension of the group allows all the participants to listen properly the Italian singers who play for them and enjoying the whole ride as he/she excepted.
The Result? Just check the reviews to see how much happy the clients are ????





Between 2017 and 2018 we decided to develop a new kind of tours: the self-guided ones, because we saw, after many researches, that people, especially the youngsters were fed up about the guided visits at fixed time, they looked for an alternative way to visit the city at own pace.
On these tours the client has our mobile app with inside the audio guide in 9 different languages that narrates (written and audio) the highlights along the route.

We have more than 200 points of interest described: from the Grand Canal and Piazza San Marco until Venice islands.

On this way, the participants can put on own earphones and start to visit the city.

We have combined the audio guide with waterbus ticket to create a sort of Hop on Hop Off or to give the possibility to discover the whole Canal Grande.

The last creation was the fascinating Unmissable Tour: ticket and audio guide of Doge’s Palace and Basilica:

We provide skip the line tickets for St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace and, in addition also the mobile app for both monuments (description of interior and exterior of them) and of Piazza San Marco. So, the tourists can visit symbols of Piazza San Marco at their own pace and without rush.