Venice private boat tours

  • Six different tours to explore the Venetian Lagoon
  • Explore natural landscapes that are found nowhere else in Italy
  • Exclusive tours on a boat that has marked the history of nautics
  • traditions and art treasures in the smaller islands that lie around Venice

An unforgettable experience to discover the Venetian Lagoon,

We have designed six different routes in the Lagoon of Venice, with different inspirations and durations :


Classic tour

The most classic tour in the Lagoon of Venice. Discover the art of exquisite Murano glass, the colorful houses and lacemaking traditions in Burano, stories and legends about the mysterious and fascinating island of Torcello with its famous bell tower and the throne of Attila.

Around Venice - panoramic tour

A complete tour to the islands surrounding Venice. Sant'Andrea delle Vignole ( fortress and harbor mouth) , the famous Lido of Venice, San Lazzaro degli Armeni, San Servolo, San Clemente, lonely Madonna delle Grazie, San Giorgio Maggiore and its architectures by Palladio, back to St. Mark's Square and over to the island of St. Elena and the ancient Arsenal of Venice.

Spirituality and Nature - tour of the northern lagoon

Artistic and spiritual itinerary , this tour takes you to discover churches and monasteries scattered across a landscape of incredible beauty. St. Erasmus, the garden of Venice with its typical salt marshes, San Francesco del Deserto, monastery island founded by St. Francis himself, the island of Burano with its pastel-colored houses and Torcello mysterious island with its ancient architectures, and finally the beautiful island of Mazzorbo, formerly a place of recreation for the Venetian nobles, and the unspoilt northern Lagoon.

Tour of the forts

A historic tour to discover the forts that surround Venice. Sant'Andrea delle Vignole, Sant'Erasmo and the Maximilian Tower, the splendid Murano to conclude with the island of San Michele, home to the monumental cemetery of Venice with its many famous people buried there.


Between the sea and the lagoon

From the lagoon of Venice nearly to the open sea. Moving on to the Lido, the historical Malamocco and the island of Poveglia, we reach Pellestrina the southernmost of the three narrow coastal islands dividing the lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. The navigation continues between mussel crops and Casoni (the typical fishermen huts), until you reach Chioggia, the other Venice, defined by Goldoni as "a respectable town". A tour of unusual and off the beaten track areas.

Art and culture in the lagoon

Art and culture mean not only Venice, but many of the islands in the lagoon. Santa Maria delle Grazie in 1264 was a shelter for pilgrims to the Holy Land, the island of San Clemente now turned into a luxury hotel, San Lazzaro degli Armeni with the historic monastery of Mekhitar priests, San Servolo ancient city asylum and now home of the 'Venice International University, and finally the island of San Giorgio with its Palladian church overlooking St. Mark's square.



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